Alternative Finishes


Visa Lighting's Alternative Finishes


Nickel and Chrome continue to be high demand finishes. In addition to being more expensive, sustainability initiatives have increased awareness of their environmental impact. Plating is prohibited in many states.
Visa Lighting developed Satin Nickel Alternative (SNA) and Brushed Chrome Alternative (BCA) to improve environmental impact while providing a more affordable option. Costing less than plating services,these alternative finishes utilize a dye application within a UV resistant clear coating over an aluminum substrate. The end results are finishes with a natural metal appearance, no impact on lead time, and none of the environmental issues associated with conventional plating.
With the popularity of these finishes and requests for even more options, six new stylish alternative finishes have been introduced. The new finishes, created with the same methods, include Brushed Brass Alternative (BBA), Brushed Bronze Alternative (BZA), Brushed Copper Alternative (CUA), Oil-Rubbed Bronze Alternative (OBA), Pewter Alternative (PRA), and Rustic Brass Alternative (RBA).
Try these inexpensive, environmentally friendly alternative finishes in your next design.