Visa Lighting. Performing Beautifully.


Visa Lighting is CHOICE

  •  Responsible

Energy Management – Visa Lighting embraces corporate responsibility by offering optics and energy efficiency in new products and redesigned classics.  Mercury free LED sources, dimming for daylight harvesting, and the stunning simplicity of the Power Art Cable™, are among some of the product features that link esponsible energy use, performance optics, and sustainable products to the beautiful aesthetics that are the hallmark of Visa Lighting.

Clean Manufacturing – Use of reclaimed materials, green manufacturing processes and improving the quality of life are evidence of Visa Lighting's commitment to the environment, our customers and staff is apparent throughout our facility, evidenced in our products and manifested throughout our community.

  • Quality

5 Year Limited Warranty – Commitment to quality goes beyond words at Visa Lighting. Since 2002 all of our products provide a five (5) year warranty ensuring quality materials and workmanship.

First Class Customer Service – Statements like “Best in the Industry” and “Easy to Work With” are testimony to Visa Lighting’s purpose: to be the best, as defined by our customers.  Supporting each product and each project is a customer service ideal practiced companywide. From special order requirements through service after the sale, Visa Lighting provides comprehensive customer service.

XPS 10 Day Shipping – Add the XPS option to an order and the order will ship within 10 days of release. Nearly 90% of our catalog is available for XPS shipping.  When schedules are tight, or add-ons are required, the Visa Lighting XPS shipping option will ensure your customers receive Visa quality and performance when they need it. Each XPS fixture is also covered under the Visa Lighting 5 year warranty.   

Adaptable for Variations – Product adaptations to fit your project requirements. Visa manufactures each product to order. Coupling "made to order" with our advanced in-house manufacturing capability, accommodation of changes in-line with regular standard production are easy modifications. For additional information about our variations program contact our Applications Team or your local Sales Representative.


Visa Lighting is LEADING THE WAY

Product development with the specifiers’ needs in mind – With the introduction of the Unity series, Visa Lighting was the first to introduce products addressing design trends and human biological response.

XEM Emergency Battery Backup - Our exclusive battery back up system. With XEM, emergency power is located directly in the junction box. A one-piece alarm light/test switch is integrated into the construction of every fixture that includes the XEM option.

Healthcare - Transforming the patient experience drives the mission of healthcare beyond “first do no harm” into designs that improve patient outcomes through a healing environment, family involvement, and the healthcare staff effectiveness.  Lighting and architecture must address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patients, visitors and staff. Further expansion of “first do no harm” also relates to the responsibility of constructing a sustainable building that reduces pollutants and other known health hazards.  This prevention is a fundamental principle of health care and public health. Visa Lighting has met these needs with Unity patient room lighting.

3D Modeling / BIM – In response to specifier demand, Visa Lighting was the first lighting manufacturer to supply BIM models to the industry. Visa Lighting provides the largest collection of lighting models available in multiple formats.


Visa Lighting is INSPIRING

Materials & Finishes

  • Green Alternative Finishes - Satin Nickel Alternative (SNA) and Brushed Chrome Alternative (BCA), Finishes with a natural metal appearance that closely match the plated counterparts. With no impact on lead time, and none of the environmental issues associated with conventional plating, these finishes can be applied to product designs not well suited to plating. Costing less than plating services, alternative finishes are versatile and environmentally appropriate.
  • 32 Standard Paint Colors - Our painted finish pallet is a durable and environmentally friendly; made of No Voc Powder Coat. Visa Lighting surveyed designers, architects, and agents to comment on current color and finish requirements. Research resulted in a greater identification of widespread design trends; modernist to traditional, eclectic to mainstream. These 32 standard colors are offered at no additional charge. Antimicrobial coating is standard on patient care products.
  • Diffuser Material Options - Visa Lighting is proud to be aligned with Lumicor® to bring variety to acrylic offerings. Resin panels provide variety, extend design intent and add a customized statement to the lighting design vision.  Many products in the Visa Lighting catalog offer the Lumicor® option for diffusers.


Visa Lighting is PERFORMANCE

Energy Efficient Light Sources – Committed to providing progressive lighting solutions, Visa Lighting is forwarding energy efficiency in lighting fixtures by introducing cutting-edge product improvements and inspired new products with Performance Optics, LED and Energy saving options.

Photometrics – Located in the AGi32 database and on the Visa Lighting website, the Visa Lighting product line is available for calculations. Dimming is engineered in over 90% of the Visa catalog as a standard option.  Versed in photometrics and product variations the Visa Application Team assists designers with light levels and product solutions. Support is available by contacting the Application Team.