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Powder Coat Painted Finishes

Powder coating eliminates runs, drips and sags common with liquid paint finishes. It is significantly more durable than conventional paints and is extremely resistant to chips, abrasions, heat up to 400° F, UV light, fuel and chemicals. All of Visa Lighting's colored paint options are powder coat, reducing its overall environmental impact while maintaining the Visa Lighting standard of quality. There are no solvents or hazardous materials used in the process. Paint finishes are blended specifically for Visa Lighting and are powder comb tested to ensure 1-2 mil on interior products for durability and 2-3 mil on exterior products to provide extra protection for outdoor architectural spaces. Antimicrobial coating is standard on patient care products.

RAL Classics, the most recognized samples set, is used widely in architecture. Visa Lighting’s color palette features RAL colors with a satin surface finish. Additional RAL Classic series colors are available at a slight premium. Custom color matching is also available. Visa's powders are exceptionally durable and corrosion resistant, with excellent chemical, stain and scratch resistance. They also possess superior over-bake resistance and a 2H hardness level. The powders are reclaimable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Alternative Finishes

Nickel and Chrome continue to be high demand finishes. In addition to being more expensive, sustainability initiatives increase the awareness of their environmental impact. Plating is prohibited in many states. Visa Lighting developed alternative finishes to improve environmental impact while providing a more affordable option.  

ANSI/BHMA Material Finish Standards

Visa Lighting recognizes the use of ANSI/BHMA standard.  All Visa finishes are grade level 1. Visa Lighting also utilizes this standard as a means for specifiers to communicate a desired surface treatment, should one be desired, that is not offered as a standard finish.

Metal Finishes

Architecture, like light, is a balance of art and science. Proper metal finishing is the essence of art and craftsmanship. Visa Lighting’s metal finishes are spun, polished and finished by artisans in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility. Trust in quality allows Visa Lighting to extend a five year limited warranty on product finishes; guaranteeing the craftsmanship, beauty and durability of each product. The DCC option (Damp Clear Coat) is required for 5 year warranty when used in damp locations.