Vara Kamin's Impressions of Light


Visage with Priscilla's Garden
Visage™ with Priscilla's Garden©
Air Foil with Moon Drops
Air Foil™ with Moon Drops©
Merlin with Morning Melody
Merlin™ with Morning Melody©
Omnience with Summer of Sundays
Omnience™ with Summer of Sundays©








Healing Art

Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light® Images (VKI) provide a powerful visual element to counter balance highly technical and stressful hospital and healthcare environments. By creating a positive point of focus, the emotive and unique interpretive nature of Kamin’s art allows viewers to tap into their own internal resources, providing access to the realm of active imagination and assisting in stimulating the relaxation response.

Crossing the bridge from decorative art to healing art, Vara Kamin's images are powerful, therapeutic tools that move the human body into a healing state of equilibrium, harmony and balance,” says Mary Rockwood Lane, Co-founder of the Arts in Medicine Program at the University of Florida.

Healthcare Settings

VKI Images are appropriate for a wide variety of pediatric, adult and long-term healthcare settings. Some of the recommended healthcare installation locations include: diagnostic and treatment radiology suites, general medical and dental settings, patient care rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, general outpatient clinics, OB/GYN and Labor & Delivery, home care/hospice, medical & health spas, physical therapy centers and much more.

Other Applications

In addition to healthcare settings, Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light ® Images are a valuable adjunct design element for education facilities and corporate, commercial, hospitality and residential settings.

Visa Lighting Product Families

Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light®  artwork is available for the following products:  Air Foil (wall & pendants), Visage (wall/ceiling), Merlin (wall/ceiling) and Omnience (ceiling/pendant).  There are currently four available Vara Kamin works of art to choose from:  “Summer of Sundays,” “Priscilla’s Garden,” “Morning Melody” and “Moon Drops.” Additional VKI Images are available through special request.

Priscillas Garden
Priscillas Garden©
Moon Drops
Moon Drops©
Morning Melody
Morning Melody©
Summer of Sundays
Summer of Sundays©