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As human beings, we do two things to indoor surfaces: we clean them and we contaminate them.

Most of us know the risks of bacterial infection, especially if we're the ones responsible for protecting a home, a hospital, or a classroom. Facility managers spend time and money ensuring their buildings are safe.   

But many disinfection solutions require you to pause other activities in that area. For busy environments, this means disinfection doesn't happen until the room isn't needed—often at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, bacteria don't work that way.

Germs operate around the clock, and their main mission is to multiply and infect. Consider E. coli bacteria, which divides every 20 minutes. No matter how regularly the facility is cleaned, that rate is impossible to match.   

That's where continuous disinfection comes in. By continuously exposing surface bacteria to germicidal wavelengths, you can keep up with the population.  

But where can you get those wavelengths?   

The illumination we use for working, playing, and learning touches the same surfaces we do—all day long. By using light fixtures that emit safe, germicidal wavelengths from true white light, you can protect and use the space at the same time.   

Germicidal light that is proven safe for humans and also illuminates the space is a practical, responsible solution.   


Disinfection in the Best Light™

By combining Visa Lighting’s architectural designs and Vital Vio’s patented LEDs, we’ve created luminaires with the power to continuously and safely disinfect with white light.

Areas that use Vital Vio's patented technology can see up to 90% reduction in overall levels of harmful bacteria (like MRSA, E. coli and Salmonella) in as little as 14 days.


Symmetry 2x2    CM1982-D

40K White Light Disinfection®
HDS Eco Mode optional

3200 Lumens

Fits in 2x2 grid ceilings

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Jasper 2x2    CM2082-D

40K White Light Disinfection®
HDS Eco Mode optional

2600 Lumens

Fits in 2x2 grid ceilings

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Linesse 3" Slots


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Cade Downlight


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Catena Linked Pendants


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Latitude Direct/Indirect Surface


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Symmetry disinfecting a workout facility


How does Vital Vio's disinfection technology work? 

Violet wavelengths in the germicidal 400-450nm range cause specific molecules found in microorganisms to have a “photoreaction” (a chemical reaction that involves or requires light), which produces a lethal ROS (reactive oxygen species) that damages the microorganisms’ cell membrane along with other targets. Ultimately, this results in bacterial cell death.

What does disinfecting light look like?

The disinfection wavelengths of visible light are present in sunlight. Since the advent of LED, we are now able to harness those wavelengths in a targeted way. Vital Vio’s patented singe-diode technology allows disinfection and illumination to come from the same source, which means more flexible solutions.

White Light Disinfection®


A single-diode light source that blends germicidal 400-450nm range with overall white light. This produces pure 4000K white light, which means you get the disinfecting benefit of violet wavelengths from pure white light.


(Eco Mode)

HDS uses a broad-band source with high output in the 400-450nm range, producing a purple-colored light with maximum disinfection when illumination is not needed.


Some luminaires contain both White Light Disinfection® and HDS modes,

while others offer HDS as an option

Find the best fit for your disinfection needs


Visa Lighting manufactures these disinfecting fixtures to be flexible for your space. Want to know how to integrate disinfecting lighting into your design? Curious about the science? Ready to order? Contact your Visa Lighting sales rep. 


Vital Vio is the leader in clinical research for visible light disinfection. Want proof? We can send you several studies examining use of Vital Vio disinfection technology in a variety of spaces, including third party research from independent parties.  


What does "Disinfection in the Best Light™" actually mean? 

We’ve prioritized the design needs and aesthetic trends that specifiers care about in order to bring you practical solutions. Our luminaires are capable of reducing bacteria over time while remaining safe for humans while emitting attractive white light.

These three factors combine to create a disinfection solution that is truly practical for many applications.

Applications where disinfection solutions are most needed


Why do we need LED disinfecting technology?

Infection Control is an important global effort, especially in healthcare environments where patients are vulnerable and the potential for contamination is high. But infection is possible anywhere—that’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop a wide variety of fixtures that can use these LEDs.

Reduce Infection Risk in Hospitals

Every year, 1.7 million infections are acquired in hospitals, places meant to heal and protect. These HAIs (hospital acquired infections) cost the US about $40 billion every year.

Combat Stronger Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is on the rise. When a bacteria population is exposed to antibiotics, some microorganisms survive. The survivors reproduce, creating generations of bacteria that become more and more resistant to antibiotics with every iteration. As antibiotic methods get stronger, so do the bugs.

The CDC estimates that 2 million people are infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria, resulting in 23,000 deaths in the US each year. New processes are currently undergoing studies to help us understand and contain this threat, and Vital Vio is an important part of that.


In the US each year: 



Causes 1 million illnesses, leading to 19,000 hospitalizations.


E coli


Infects 73,000 people, costing us $30 million in medical expenses.


C diff


Causes 453,000 illnesses, 29,300 of which are fatal.