White Paper: The Safety of Disinfecting Light

Microbiologist testing samples in petri dishes

Since visible light disinfection technology is still fairly new, we receive questions regularly on its safety. This white paper was recently published by experts at Vital Vio to help explain how this technology can be deadly to harmful bacteria but completely safe for humans, pets, and plants. 


Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. The Differences Between VioSafe® Technology and Ultra Violet (UV) Light

III. VioSafe® Meets IEC Safety Standards for UV, Blue Light, Infrared and Thermal Exposure

IV. VioSafe® Technology Does Not Risk Creating "Superbugs"

V. VioSafe®'s Impact on "Good Bacteria"

1. The Gut

2. The Skin

VI. Conclusion

VII. Works Cited

Vital Vio White Paper: Overview of the Safety and Efficacy of VioSafe® Visible Light Disinfection