Cade: Recessed Downlight with Continuous Disinfection

  • Fri, 04/27/2018

Cade works to protect indoor surfaces against bacteria

An Elemental Surprise 

An unassuming recessed downlight with typical light distribution, Cade has a secret. 

These models are equipped with optional VioSafe™ continuous disinfection technology powered by Vital Vio.   

How it works 

Vital Vio's continuous disinfection technology emits a germicidal frequency to protect indoor surfaces from harmful bacteria. Because this technology produces safe light that is truly white, it can be used continually throughout the day without halting busy environments.

Eco Mode, a violet light with boosted germ-fighting power, is still completely safe for people but ideal for intervals when illumination is not needed. 

Standard white sources in the Cade downlight emit 3000, 3500, and 4000K white light in low or high lumens.  

Because the disinfecting downlight models are a nominal 6" in width to fit LEDs for each mode, non-disinfecting models are included in the line for lighting design cohesion in spaces that don't require continuous disinfection.

Come see Cade at #LFI2018!

Cade, a recessed downlight, in disinfecting white