Catena: Inspire a Chain Reaction

  • Fri, 04/27/2018

Some design projects require hardworking components, and Catena works hard.  

Collaborative design

During one of our regular Innovation Lodge trips, our product designers brainstormed with a group of specifiers to create the industry's first luminaires engineered from scratch for multitasking environments like classrooms and office spaces. The Catena family is a product of that collaboration.  

Build something beautiful 

Catena pendants are linear direct/indirect luminaires that can be linked together in unique patterns. They emit functional downlight to illuminate the working area and uplight for ambiance and visual comfort—separately switched.  


Catena linked linear pendants
Linkable linear pendants create custom shapes in a classroom

With multiple lengths in standalone, chain start/mid, and chain end models, each element can be angled to produce curved shapes, follow perimeters and walkways, or create patterns. The sections are connected with geometric gangable links.  

Protect classrooms and workspaces from bacteria

These pendants also include optional VioSafe™ disinfecting LEDs from our collaboration with Vital Vio. This technology continuously protects against harmful bacteria with white light. Ideal for busy, germ-filled environments like classrooms and shared office spaces, Catena pendants provide functional light, unique style features, and germ-killing power.  

Catena's multitasking illumination, unique construction, and flexible design arrangements are ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, meeting areas, and open workspaces. 

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