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Hellen dome pendant light with black, gold, and bronze finishes


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Just Launched

Hellen dome pendant light

With a flat lens instead of a bulb to create ambient and task illumination, the Hellen family of dome pendants includes many CCT and light level options to suit various application types.

Sequence Mini luminous pendants of several sizes

Based on our popular Sequence collection, the new Sequence Mini is a full family of luminous cylinder pendants only 2" in diameter. From as short as six inches to as long as 72 inches, Sequence Mini can fit anywhere. 

Lenga behavioral health ceiling luminaire

Lenga dual overbed slots are designed for behavioral health applications and any healthcare space built for ligature, tamper, and impact resistance. Two source options, standard white or tunable for circadian lighting, and multifunctional ambient and exam modes. Part of the original Lenga family for patient overbed. 

Visage behavioral health ceiling luminaire

Visage now includes a new model designed for behavioral health applications. Our original Visage family, linear wall/ceiling luminaires with different frame styles, is a versatile staple. With impact, tamper, and ligature resistance, designers will be able to use Visage in many different ways throughout the behavioral health facility. 

Coming Soon!

Zume globe pendants

Zume globe pendants were designed as a catenary/canopy outdoor pendant, and they quickly sparked custom and modified orders. Coming soon, new sizes and styles!

Unity slot sconce

When we first started showing our new Unity slot luminaires for patient overbed, many people commented that it would make a beautiful wall sconce or vanity fixture. We took their advice and modified this gently curved slot for wall mounting. Available with standard white sources or tunable sources for circadian lighting design. 

Earlier This Year

Jasper architectural troffer for patient room overbed

Jasper overbed model is a lower-cost option for overbed applications. This multifunctional patient room luminaire has ambient, exam, and combined lumen levels, an optional amber night light mode, and is dimmable to 1%. The low recessed depth of 3” enables use in busy plenums or retrofit projects.